Radio Vermont Group to Sell to Vermont Owner

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Waterbury, Vermont, January 11, 2024- The Radio Vermont Group has announced the sale of its radio assets WDEV AM 550 and FM 96.1; WLVB FM 93.9; WCVT FM 101.7; W243AT-FM 96.5; W252CU-FM 98.3;
and W273AM-FM 102.5 to Mermel & McLain Management LLC of Manchester, Vermont. The radio stations broadcast to Central Vermont, Burlington, and most of the NEK.

The sale was announced to employees this morning. Ashley Jane Squier will be joining GM Steve Cormier, Myers Mermel, and Scott Milne to publicly announce the transition to Vermont live on WDEV at 12:35PM today.

Ashley Jane Squier of the Radio Vermont Group said, "While these past couple months have been a sad time for our family, we are gratified to have found Vermonters to step up and continue the rich tradition of our treasured radio stations. During the last months of his life, my father Ken Squier was involved in our search for a buyer who would continue the independent radio legacy our family has built at WDEV and its sister stations for over 92 years. Beginning with my grandfather Lloyd Squier in 1931, the Squier family has been honored to serve Vermonters' families and communities. We now feel confident that the stations will be in good hands to hold true to their legacy."
Myers Mermel of Mermel & McLain Management LLC said, "We are thankful to the Squier family for their years of dedication to Vermont and to community radio. WDEV is the leading News/Talk/Sports station, and its community format builds social trust across our community. It keeps Vermont, and all its people, knit together. We look forward to continuing and enhancing community radio at WDEV with the same emphasis on even-handed reporting and commentary- as well as humor-which has been its hallmark."
Radio Vermont Group has signed a binding contract with Mermel & McLain Management LLC and expects to finalize the transfer of assets over the next few months.

Ashley Jane Squier is the current owner operator of Radio Vermont Group. Ashley lives in Waterbury with her husband Robbie Crouch- known to many local racing fans by a name bestowed upon him by Ken Squier as "the Tampa Tornado." Ashley teaches as a literacy specialist at the Montessori School of Central Vermont in Barre. She summarizes the mission of her family's business as "serving our community by providing relevant information and a forum for all voices to be heard."

Myers Mermel of Manchester, Vermont will be the new owner operator of Radio Vermont. Myers has Vermont roots going back to the Green Mountain Boys and is a 1984 graduate of UVM. Myers appreciates the responsibility of succeeding the Squier family and is thankful for the work of Glen A. Wright of Radio Vermont Group in this transaction. He is putting his other business pursuits on hold to devote his full attention to WDEV and Radio Vermont as of today.

Scott Milne, a well-known local business owner, and longtime supporter of Radio Vermont and the Squier family, is an investor and has been integral to the acquisition. He will be a key advisor and supporter of Radio Vermont going forward. "I know how valuable radio can be to a small business's chances of success. Keeping Radio Vermont local and community based will be good for our communities, good for Vermont families and very good for Vermont's economy. I am grateful to be playing a part in all of this."